Pretty awesome day :D (day 5)

Name: Alastair PangCountry: Singapore
School: Hwa Chong Institution

I am not going to lie, but the Night Safari yesterday absolutely drained me. So I woke up today feeling a little sick and really tired. Oh well.

But the summit dialogue woke me up completely. The speaker was speaking about his science innovations and the speech was very (genuinely) interesting. I am a science student myself, doing a project about creating a low cost water filtration system from silver, and what the speaker said today was very relatable to me, and I learnt many things. I was fascinated by how we can take frustrations from our everyday lives and solve it by creating a product, and making a living from doing that. To me, in this day and age innovation is really important. Yet, almost everything is already made, (come on, how much further can you go from the Google Glass?), and so it is really tough to come up with something new. I think we all kinda get caught at that stage, which is trying so hard to be new. However, what I learnt today is that innovation can be also marrying two already present inventions, to make it all the more better. Today I also learnt the importance of communication and marketing. Like if Mr.Baptista didn’t market or communicate his product properly to the right audience or clients, I doubt that he would be as successful as he is now. It is super important to be able to change your "talking code" when talking to different people, to appeal to different people. As a science student, I often see other science students who are brilliant, but they cant express their ideas properly to the right people. This talk made me realise the importance of communication more, now that I heard it from a person very experienced in this field.

The tours were also revolving around the same theme of innovations, and I took away one main thing: if there is a problem, instead of complaining about it (which i am guilty of), GET UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I mean if Mr.Baptista can take maggot "juice" and heal wounds, I honestly think there is endless possibilities. All we need to do is think outside the box.

Oh yeah. 🙂 daily dose of smiley faces.


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