On Passion and Innovation… and not understanding lab things

5th Day in Singapore!

This morning was Mr. Carl Baptista’s summit dialogue. He’s a scientist and entrepreneur and he spoke with such excitement in what he does. He sometimes even talks giddily and jumps a little regarding exciting research. We learnt about innovation and his work. Turns out bugs, insects, and microbes can solve a lot of things in our daily lives, saving costs and even limbs.

I know the general idea was about innovation and science but to me, the talk was about passion. He said, “If you come to work and not love what you do, what’s the point of living?” and that is so true. I actually fear selling my soul to like, the office and acting like robots and not loving what I do. He speaks with such passion and knowledge on his field. He gets ideas from nature, observing things, and…showers. Ideas can come from anywhere, I guess we all have to learn to be more observant. He says that innovation sparks from need and frustration which is true. I’m no longer studying in the Natural Sciences field since now I’m in the Social Science Stream but his message was really inspiring even if I wont be a scientist. I should do what I love and be open and try to understand a lot of things. Oh, and not be cocky and not fear asking people to reexplain things.

We also went to the Housing Development Board. I studied that in Geography about Settlements and it was one of the case studies that explain how to accommodate a growing population. It’s one of the successful examples. Singapore back then looked a lot like Indonesia’s slum areas so I really hope one day Indonesia will develop like that. No more illegal homes made out of wood and non-concretes! More developed areas! Hooray!

Then we went to A*STAR. It’s basically about research in the natural sciences field. I kind of felt intimidated because I feel like I BARELY understand anything. Like I said, I don’t study science anymore so yeah. But I was amazed by the ‘scholars’ that got into A*STAR and do they’re own research and actually love it. It’s not about being the smartest in the room, it’s about being the most passionate in the room. We explored the labs. It was about Bioimaging and it can help study cells and reduce tumor and study drugs and diseases and all that. I didn’t really get it, not my field. Really hope that there’ll be more developed labs in Indonesia so that the people that have passion for it can channel their energy. It’s a bummer if the person who could know the cure for cancer cannot discover it because of lack of somewhere to develop it.

It’s already half of the summit! It feels fast and slow at the same time. Fast because it’s so jam-packed but slow because there’s a lot of things we learn here. Gained a lot of friends and learnt so much in just a few days and still hungry for more. The main thing I got for now from the summit is all about passion, innovation, and networking. Passion as in doing something you love and actually be good at it. Innovation as in thinking out of the box and discovering something that can be helpful for others. Networking as in meeting people with different perspectives that may help you with their ideas. I love discussions because I get to hear solutions, opinions, and problems from different countries.

Cheers to the next 5 days!

Pritta Wibisono
Binus International School – Serpong

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