Today is a busy day.We had Summit Dialogue as usual given by Mr Carl Baptista.He has a good sense of humor and I am quite interested in the technology and products mentioned in his dialogue.I just think mosquitoes will bite us and do harm to our bodies.However,I had never thought about how they can be useful to us.The main topic is innovation.We should observe the world around us carefully and don’t let our creative ideas gone.We should try our best to find the solution for questions on our own.As a child,we are full of various kinds of ideas,we should make the most of them.

After that,we went on to the Housing Development Board.We watched a few videos and some model rooms as well.The development of houses here is quite similar with that in China which made me miss my home.With high technology,we can experience the changes ourselves.I really learned a lot through the trip.

In the afternoon,we went to A*STAR.It focuses on inventing things.In it,we listened to some experts to share their experience.We saw some high-technology equipment as well.
Written by CHENFEI,Big Bridge Academy

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