Journal writing Day 3 & 4

Singapore is now indeed a very advanced and developed country as suppose to it was back then. Many things have changed ever since and Singapore is now known worldwide and is steadily growing into a developed country. Yesterday, Day 3, we had a brief but informative dialogue with Ms Tan Ching Yee about healthcare in the morning before heading off for tours to Economic Development Board which provided us with many useful pointers and knowledge on how Singapore’s economy is growing from strength to strength. We also had a golden opportunity to view Singapore from the skyscraper building we were in. Next, we headed off to Government of Singapore Investment Corporation where we were briefed on how the investment activities in Singapore works. Later in the evening, we were fortunate enough to experience an unforgettable river cruise of the Financial District leaving us in awe as we were treated to amazing sights and views of Singapore’s many skyscrapers and buildings. We were also fortunate to be able to spot the Merlion, which is one of the attraction sights in Singapore. We then headed back to school for cultural performance practice.

Today, day 4, was another informative day for us as we visited the Land Transport Authority for a briefing on how the traffic in Singapore works and what are its future plans and developments. We were treated to a bagful of knowledge and displays to better equip us with a thing or two on Land Transportation in Singapore. We also visited the Public Utilities Board where we were enlightened on NEWater technology that works in Singapore. We were able to know more through a tour around the facility which offered many insightful information on this amazing technology.

Alif Adlie Bin Azhar,
The Malay College Kuala Kangsar

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