Journal entry


Aastha Kamra
Vasant Valley School

To be very honest I wasn’t really looking forward to Mr Carl Baptista’s summit dialogue as I had heard that it was completely science related, a subject area that I am certainly not interested in. However, more than science, his presentation was based on innovation and entrepreneurship, on learning and discovery. His use of basic objects like a ball pen to solve complex issues such as asthma left me fascinated at the extent to which knowledge can be applied to solve problems through the powerful human mind. I hope one day standing under the shower, I can get not only the inspiration but also the strategy to convert an idea into a product that can help millions of people. This dialogue surely did push me to think out of the box to make improvements and evolution while accepting criticism.

The day also included a visit to the Housing Development Board (HDB). Singapore’s agenda as well as strategies to make the country livable for its people is commendable. It was nice to see the efforts put in by the government to provide public housing facilities at affordable prices as well as a good environment for the Singaporeans. Although, India has tried to achieve this, it has not fully succeeded in doing so. But on the way to achieving this mission, I hope we can gain from Singapore’s experience.

This was followed by a visit to A*STAR ( Agency of Science, technology and research). The talk opened my eyes to how deep one can research into a topic and the information obtained may sill not be enough to make a ground breaking discovery. The fusion world as the name suggests exposed further us to a world of technological advancement, technology that I use daily and take for granted without realizing the amount of time, effort, brainstorming and research gone in.

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