Journal Day 5

Journal Day 5

The summit dialogue has been great. Science is not all about innovation but we cannot deny that it always takes an important role in promoting scientific and technological progress. While we’re using technology to change over our ecological environment in order to fit human activities, we should try our best to avoid any possible damage to the ecosphere. Many large-scale biological means should be slowed down.

We are halfway through the summit now. It has always been a good time though it’s tired and tired and tired all day. We’ve learnt a lot about Singapore and hwa chong and it’s really nice to have a chance to meet so many outstanding young leaders from so many different countries. There indeed is some language barrier but people are all nice and it’s not really a problem in communication. It’s good to know that different cultures can be together in this harmony.

Wang Xinyuan

the second high school attached to Beijing Normal University

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