Day 5
Today is a fine day.After delicious breakfast,we listened to the summit dialogue given by Mr Carl Baptista. He is an expert who is full of creative ideas and innovation.He creates many effective and useful things which earn both wealth and reputation.He also taught us many profound thoughts.He asked us to observe things around carefully so we can notice many things that can not be seen by other people.In this way,he can find surrounding things’ shortcomings and try to improve them. Observation is of great importance,which is correct in many fields like drawing and writing.He also thought that mistakes and frustration are the most vital factors in one’s innovation.We must treat them correctly and learn from them.They are the teachers that can guide you to the shore of success.
Afterwards,we went to the Housing Development Board.We learned about the flats in Singapore.Then we had the chance to see the room models in our own eyes.They are similar to the houses in our country China.However, my American friend said the room is quite different from that in her country.I found it very interesting to learn about different countries’ culture.
In the afternoon,we went to A*STAR,a science and technology research agency.We listened to several lectures and had the questions and answers part.Through this,we knew many things about the agency.The experts said although the research work seems very boring and difficult,they love their subject and work.They have their dream in mind and it is the dreams that support them to carry on.Then we watched a cutting-edge product exhibition.We saw many amazing things which widened our scope of knowledge.Many devices like pearls shone in front of our eyes,such as the translation software which make the spoken sentence into words on computer and then translate them into Chinese,the mobile phone which can be controlled by voice and the game which can be played by the level your concentration is.I found them interesting.I hope one day I can develop these things which can benefit the society.
Written by Wang Ziwei Wuxi Big Bridge Academy

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