journal #3

I’ll be honest. Today’s focus on development and science was not my favourite theme. That being said, the day did kick off with what was by far the best of the summit dialogues that we have experienced. Mr Baptista gave a witty and informational account of his experiences as both a man of science and as an entrepreneur. He was very much able to captivate the audience with anecdotes of his time working to develop his company.

Following what was a good start to the day, we ventured into the realm of public housing. While this usually conjures visions of poverty in other western nations, here in Singapore public housing is more or less the government acting as the property developer, with the flats being sold on to citizens. In fact, 80% of Singapore’s population live in these public houses.

Our third stop today was at A*STAR, which is Singapore’s premier science and technology development institute. I think it was here that my predominant interest in the humanities (with the exception of biology) shined through. While the researches we listened to were undoubtedly qualified and intelligent, it was my own overall lack of interest that meant that this wasn’t my favourite visit to an organisation.

The food is still delicious. Everyone is still getting along well.

Tom (BGS)

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