Today was certainly a heck of an inspiring day. Starting the day off with a Summit Dialogue was awesome. I can honestly say that Mr Carl Baptista is one of the most inspiring people I have met. His talk made me think of going into the filed of entrepreneurship. he made me see things from a different perspective and made me think that things can be so much better than they are now. So why settle for less? He is the kind of person I would call “smart,” the kind of person I’d like to be. His talk was not only inspiring and informative, but it too was very entertaining. –I didn’t feel sleepy.. and that’s saying a lot.–

Like Singapore, the Philippines is actually already developing high-rise homes for citizens. However,the reason isn’t exactly because we lack land in our country, its because population density in the National Capital Region is way higher than it should be. The Philippines too is becoming more and more commercial. Places near where I live are turning into commercial areas rather than villages. Condominiums too are being put up here and there.

As for our visit to A*STAR, I feel that our country is way behind when it comes to research for we do not have the essential facilities. I believe that the Filipino scientists can make the same advances given that they have the facilities they need. Unfortunately, they don’t. Coming from a Science oriented high school, science and research is something I strongly believe Filipinos should invest in. The money the government puts in this field will no doubt go a long way.

The past five days have opened my mind to so many things. Its sad to think that the summit is halfway over but I guess a good way to look at it is that I only have a few days left before I can impart to my fellow classmates and friends at home the realizations and valuable lessons I had learned. This experience has been amazing and worthwhile.

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