I’ll trade my left liver to double the time I’m spending here right now. No, make that triple.

Time really flies swiftly and silently like the winds when you are having fun. A blink of the eye and we’re down to day 5. Oh man I just can’t bring myself to imagine what’s gonna happen on day 9 later. >.<

Anyway, back to the main topic, we had Summit Dialogue #3 this morning, and the speaker was Dr Carl Baptista. He was a really cool, bald guy who made all kinds of hilarious scientific jokes that made the whole hall constantly bursting into peals of laughter throughout the dialogue. Personally, I was totally captivated by Dr Carl’s innovative and imaginative ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, and paid full attention to every word he said (though I was tired). He told us about all the ‘wingless mosquitoes’ and Maggot Therapy stuff, and taught us the correct way or should I say, attitude, to be a scientist. So, guess I’ve got to dump my interests in all the three science subjects then. 😛

After the Summit Dialogue, we proceeded to board the bus and headed for the Housing Development Board of Singapore. The first thing we did there was to check out the housing units in Singapore. There were four kinds of housing units:

1) 2- room unit

2) 3- room unit

3) 4- room unit

4) 5- room unit

And we then took the tour around the HDB. Firstly, we were given a video projection and were then met with a hologram image of the two main characters in the video. Weird as it was, the cutting edge tech was really cool. As the Japenese say, maji yabai.

So then we moved on to A*Star. After a short briefing, we had our lunch (which was a really tasty one, probably because of the anticipation and la faim). We then went into the hall and the presentation started. As the factors ‘After Lunch’, ‘fatigue’ and ‘Air-cond room’ started to add up and pose as a real threat to our lifeline to the conscious world, we all were like, trying really hard to keep our eyes open. I myself (I admit) was also trying really hard to stay awake.

After the presentation, we moved on to the FusionWorld and checked out all the coolest stuff in the world. Stuff like hologram projections, ‘Mirror, Mirror on the wall, what’s my gender and am I tall’, ‘Mind-control games’ and also ‘SuperBed’ sent our jaws kissing the ground. We were all astounded by the cutting-edge technology and the innovation of the organization.

So here I’m typing this journal entry. Later is the Student Dialogue session, and it’s our turn to present. Gotta go do some last-minute preparations (yeah, yeah, I know I’m lazy).

Do Svidaniya.


Steven Tey Feng Nian

Malaysia Delegation

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