Half way through

Today, we had a summit dialogue, and after that, we visited the Housing Development Board, and the A*Star. First, the summit dialog by Mr. Carl Baptista was so interesting! He told us many jokes and it was really easy to understand. He told us in order to make an innovation, there are four spurs; frustration, inefficiency, need, and passion. I thought all of these were important. Also, he told us that there is an education in innovation and entrepreneurship, and I thought this was correct to through his examples of caterpillar. I wonder his business of exterminate mosquitoes will success in Japan because there are many of them. Through his dialogue, I learned that it’s important to love your job (not to do your job because you have to), and trying to do things whether it’ll success or not. Though I might not make an innovation or publish a company in the future, I hope I can use what he said when thinking of a new idea! After the student dialogue, we went to the Housing Development Board. We saw how the town in Singapore is made, and how the HDB flat looks like. I thought that the towns in Singapore are well planned and when I saw the plan of the waterfront area, I thought it was beautiful and very comfortable to live. In Japan, many people live in condominiums, but as it becomes an aging society, the rooms in the house are becoming empty. I hope we can use the Singaporean system of not making empty rooms. Since the houses are made by the government and the maintain them, all the building looks the same, though some of them were built in the 1970s while the others were made recently. I thought this was really a good idea. On the other hand, I thought if the flats are safe enough because the guide told me that those high buildings are built in 2 or 3 years. Finally, we went to A*Star, where many scientific things were done. Since I’m not good at science, most of the things were hard to understand for me. But I remembered the scientist’s words, “Nothing will happen unless you’ll try.” I hope I can try things without worrying failures. After the hearing session, we went to a laboratory. I was surprised that some students (maybe high school students) were doing experiments!

After this, we’re going to have the student’s dialogue, and I hope I can speak more than the last time. Half of the program has passed, and I wish I could improve my English skills and make more friends because HC-APYLS is an precious experience to make global relationships!!

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