Day 5

Without noticing it, were already half way through the summit. Time flies when you’re having fun! Today, was the fifth day of our Summit. Many events took place today starting with a dialogue with Mr Carl Baptista . He enlightened us with a talk on how he used to just grow mushrooms till he grew his family business and came up with inventions on using termites in a good cause. Being the joyous, bald headed person he was, littered his talk with good points and facts and a touch of humour on a few occasions. I managed to gain a lot of ideas to be brought back and shared and implicated back in my school. Next, we visited the Housing Development Board where we were briefed about HDB flats in Singapore. Now, i know why there are abundance of these flats in Singapore. It is because of the limited amount of land in Singapore which forces Singaporeans to live in these flats due to the hefty price of houses. Besides that, we also visited the A*STAR building where i managed to experience the atmosphere in labs with scientist carrying out researches and experiments. Today was a good day indeed.

Alif Adlie Bin Azhar
The Malay College Kuala Kangsar

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