Day 5: Science and Technology

Dr. Carl Baptista definitely gave us the most engaging summit dialogue thus far. Not only was the subject matter interesting and thought-provoking, but his attitude and personality were what made his presentation so great. Unlike Mr. Kausikawa’s rather cynical attitude, which I frankly wasn’t a fan of, Mr. Baptista had a constantly positive, driven, and goal-oriented attitude. I loved that he could innovate something so simple as a fan that sprays mosquito repellent throughout a room, yet so original that no one had thought to do it before. I was also insanely fascinated by his use of maggot farts to yield scientific discovery. Truly a genius. At The Housing Development Board, we saw an interesting video about a couple, and their journey to find the right house in Singapore, but aside from that, I wasn’t too enthralled by the Housing Development Board.
The A*STAR visit was the highlight of the day. I began to see a theme when I realized that each of the four presenters stressed the importance of setting a goal and doing all in your capacity to achieve that goal. Also, they found that it was important to try EVERYTHING (even skydiving!), because who knows what might interest you or might help you to discover and achieve your goals.The food there was also great!
And then there was FUSIONWORLD. FUSIONWORLD is an extremely captivating playground of innovation, but is still also a work-in-progress. The hologram video in the beginning set up the tour perfectly, leading us to incredible technology, most notably the game where the chicken would move forward if you concentrated. I have no idea how it works but it was unarguably impressive. What I can take away from all of this so far is that we are all linked by a passion for discovery and setting and achieving goals, and Day 5 helped to make this fact clearer. In the next half of the summit, I hope to explore Singapore further, and form stronger bonds with the other delegates in the summit, and of course, beat Alastair in a basketball game. I’m better than him!

Jack Cody

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