Day 5: Bringing Out My Inner Nerd

Today was full of Science and Technology. And I loved every single bit of it. Call me a nerd, but whatever – today inspired me to become the scientist I am technically striving to be (thanks to my school hahaha).

We kick started the day with a summit dialogue featuring researcher extraordinaire, Mr. Carl Baptista. I was praying at first that this dialogue would be a fruitful one, and my prayer was answered. I got that and then some. He spoke about his experiences in the field of research, and he was very accommodating during the Q&A portion. His love for research was evident throughout his talk and it inspired me to try to become as enterprising, as open-minded, and as determined as he is.

We also visited the Housing Development Board, wherein we got to see the condominium units that the government constructs for the Singaporeans. In the HDB, we also had an orientation on the very detailed and step-by-step process of choosing your home. I found it to be very organized (TOO organized actually – kinda creeped me out), because no matter what situation you are in, the government has already laid down options for you. I wish that my country could adopt a system similar to this, because this would be very beneficial to the Filipino population, since a large percentage still remain homeless and the government has been unresponsive to some of their needs. With a system such as this, it would be easier to attend to the masses.

In A*STAR, we had an up close and personal segment with some of the scholars. It was very interesting to hear their stories about how successful they have become in their respective fields. My group (Group C) also went to FusionLab, a branch of A*STAR that focused on innovations for the future. I WAS SO AMAZED!!!!!! Everything seemed so futuristic and so impossible, but..A*STAR researches made the impossible possible. We were greeted with a holographic girl, then we stepped into the home of the future, which showed us the endless possibilities of the homes of the next generations.

I hope that the Philippines could also become more active in the field of research because I believe that it will be very beneficial to our country. Not only will the needs of the Filipinos (whether it be medical, technological, or whatever) be addressed, but the Philippines could be recognized internationally for scientific feats. And of course, whatever innovations there are, I’m sure that they will greatly benefit the rest of the world as well. 🙂

My stay in Singapore for the past five days has been.. one hell of an experience. I have learned so many things about the country, and about other countries as well through exchange with the other foreign delegates. I haven’t been able to communicate as much as I would want to with the other delegates, but there are still another five days left. I do want to learn more about how the issues in the world are being addressed by the delegations, but more than anything, I hope that with the remainder of time we have left, we will strengthen our bond to make our friendships last the distance we will experience when we all board our planes and go back home.

♥ Crissy Buensuceso
Philippine Science High School, Philippines

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