Day 5

Today began with a blast. Mr. Baptista was hands down the best of the speakers so far. Despite being extremely tired from the exciting events the night before, Mr. Baptista managed to engaged us with a combination of oratory skills, sly humor, interesting info, politeness, positivity and succinct presentation, something unprecedented in the summit dialogue till then. It was a breathe of fresh air of us(again, no offence whatsoever to the previous speakers). One important thing we learned from his talk: maggots are awesome. Anyway, as exciting as roads and buses and MRT ticket pricings were, I found insect-eating-bacteria and bacteria-eating-insects more in line with my interests(not to mention notorious mother-in-laws).

But the bad thing about an early high point is that it was all downhill from here. Again, in no way am I saying the rest of the seminars were boring in any sort of way(only a few people dozed off), but Mr. Baptista had set the bar to an impossible standard beyond the reach of others. We had lunch at a biological research centre(A*STAR), hoping sincerely none of our food were genetically mutated(they wouldn’t be the first to use human guinea pigs). Lame jokes aside, it was an enriching experience all in all, except for the end when we had a little communication barrier with a nice Japanese whose accent was too, well, Japanese(“racism everywhere,” my friend Yonathon would say).

Still, it was a fantastic day.


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