Day 5

2013/07/26 –Day 5

A busy day again. Summit dialogue by Mr. Carl Baptista, Housing Development Board and A*Star.

Personally I think Mr. Carl Baptista’s Summit Dialogue is my favorite one until now. I can feel his passion and his eagerness to share something with us. What’s more, he really possess his topic. He’s the expert of his area so he masters his topic and use the way which is the easiest for us to understand. Even if the topic is science, he kind of put a moral on it and make the education value out of it. His personal profile is definitely an interesting one. As he says, "I am trying to bridge the gap between two extremes." It’s really rare for someone to be good at both science and business. in Q&A session, he answers by "I don’t know" a few times. Maybe talent by born is sort of important, but how to find our strength and make the best use of it is even more important. I come up with the question regarding the connection between science and people because I think human being is also part of nature, and nature should have some rules in common. If we can learn the law of nature more deeply, it will eventually help us understanding ourselves – the human society. I always love the Chinese old saying: “If you want to study people, study nature.”

Besides the summit dialogue, HDB’s gallery is cool. The design is just fantastic. I am thinking of the museums in our country. There is really a long way to go. And for A*Star, I love the research program for youth. The promotion of scientific research needs to target the teens. It’s not their research result that matters, but the process in which they try and experience the rigor and beauty of science. Actually this year I am doing a psychology research, and I really get to know the need of guidance from experts. I simply don’t know where I can ask for help. Hopefully our country’s research centers and labs could offer more opportunities for teenagers.

Hydropen Sun

Second High School attached to Beijing Normal Univ.

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