Day 5

Today we had our the third Summit Dialogue which was given by Mr Carl Baptista of the Origin pest control groups. He spoke to us about his experiences in combining both his scientific experiences with his entrepreneurial abilities in order to solve pest control problems around Asia. Mr Baptista has also spent time carrying out scientific research projects with students in Singapore in order to solve problems such as mosquitoes.

The visit to the Housing Development Board was certainly very interesting in showing us how the houses in Singapore have evolved since the 1960s. During the tour Nikolay and I felt the urge to grab a coffee and, although we’re not proud of it, we ran to ‘The Coffee Bean’ however the facilitators were quick to catch us! Fortunately for us, the facilitators from Hwa Chong are very kind and so they weren’t angry. The coffee on the other hand was overpriced and mainly ice so I suppose you could call that poetic justice…

The visit to A*Star was interesting and Charlie got her wish with the Crispy Lemon Chicken at lunch! We got to see new technology such as facial and age recognition advertising boards as well as a thought powered video game.



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