Breadth VS Depth

The summit dialogue today was conducted by Mr Carl Baptista, biologist and entrepreneur from Origin Exterminators.

During the dialogue with Mr Baptista today, we saw a very unique blend of a person – one who is familiar in scientific theories, yet well-versed in social skills. We commonly think people are able to top charts in only one aspect, either IQ or EQ, but Mr Baptista proved us wrong today. What I saw from the dialogue with Mr Baptista was a person who has had a broad spectrum of experiences and someone who has identified and isn’t afraid to admit his strengths and weaknesses.

At the dialogue, Mr Baptista also brought up the point of being a "jack of all trades, master of none." Often we strive towards excellence in our respective fields, but what Mr Baptista said today triggered a thought in me – is it more worthwhile spending our youth striving towards excellence, delving deeper into specific fields, or is it more beneficial for us to simply explore and discover broadly? In our youth, which is better – breadth or depth?

These are just some questions I have in mind today.

Looking forward to paintball / kayaking / dragon-boating tmr!

Ling Yun
Nanyang Girls’ High School

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