APYLS – Day 5

Today, it was generally a day with mixed feelings. The morning summit dialogue was a lively one. Mr Carl Baptista had been really cheerful and engaging during the course of the interaction session with us, even though I didn’t have much sleep the last night, I was pretty entertained throughout the dialogue. The topic of the dialogue also relates much to me, as his general field was based on science and innovation, so it really helps me in my understanding of the scientific business and industry, also learning some unique and special examples. It can be considered a lesson on innovation ofr me as I have a much clearer view on the mindset we should have during brainstorming sessions. Hopefully, such an understanding of innovation, or creative thinking, would help me on my future endeavors.
After that, we immediately went to HDB, where we were introduced the various types of HDB flats housing we have in Singapore. The delegates from other countries all exclaimed about the uniqueness of Singapore’s housing, and for me, when we were visiting the showrooms, it felt like coming home for me. I now understand the although we Singaporeans have treated HDB flats as a regular part of our everyday life, everybody else has a different view on it, and such HDB housing is really something new and interesting to them.
Next stop was A*STAR, and on the bus, I was worrying about what we would do without lunch as the lunch schedule was not recorded on the handbook. It was a relief to learn that we would be having lunch at A*STAR itself, and unfortunately I ate a little too much when lunch was served. Other than that, we spent the rest of the session understanding what is being done at A*STAR, and also learning from the experience shared by the scientists there. It was still quite relevant to me, as I have a genuine interest to science, too bad we had to end the session due to the time constraint. In the end, we still learnt some quite interesting stuff as we went over to different research facilities, with me getting the one about nanotechnology. We were only treated to some views of the machines and microscopes there though, not much of an exciting lab tour I expected it to be. Nevertheless, the guide was kind and it was still cool for me to see such equipment up-close, so there still be some positives from the tour.
To be honest, I was troubled by the thought of having the student dialogue later in the evening, as we would be presenting. Now, let’s just wish for the best and hope that the dialogue presentation would turn out to be a successful one!
Kai Zhe (Singapore)
Chung Cheng High School (Main)

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