A Short Reflection for Our 5th Day

Throughout the Summit Dialogue with Mr. Carl Baptista as the guest speaker, I learned about wide-range of innovation that has never been released. However, in order to succeed, scientist or entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily have to invent something new. Instead, they may combine others’ invention according to people’s demand. Since he’s a businessman at the same time, I can see that he expects people to purchase his company’s products. Unconsciously, he also expects some kinds of disease to occur. It would actually be better if he also invents products intended for preventive purpose. He did say that it is impossible to invent such products, but then I believe that we can do so since nowadays there are some groups of experts whose job is to predict what will happen in the future; thus they can predict problems that will occur by then.

People in Indonesia, especially in Java Island, are running out of land because they use it for different purposes. My visit to Housing Development Board has provided me some ideas on how a country can use land effectively. Rather than building houses, it would be better if Indonesia builds apartments in order to meet the entire population’s demand of shelter since an apartment might be able to accommodate a portion of Indonesian population.

Personally, I am not into researching despite of my interest in science & engineering. However, the researches conducted by A*STAR have shown me the beauty of science & engineering since those researches result on unique products. However, I am still wondering whether the population need technologically advanced product such as brain detector console for games; since there would be no point in playing games anymore!

I’ve been having a good time in Singapore. I got to learn how different companies work here in Singapore so that I can probably apply things that I have learned here when I return to Indonesia. I make a lot of new friends and it’s really fun to learn their cultures (languages, especially…)


Gita Septiani Ekaputri

Binus International School – Indonesia


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