A Day Of Inspirations

A Day Of Inspirations

Another day, a few new experiences and many more friends- yes that sums up my day for today!! So, I guess that won’t suffice and hence, am just going to head on and talk about all that I did today. So, the day began with a Summit dialogue by Mr. Carl Baptiste who was an absolute inspiration. He began with telling us that he was ONLY ‘a pest control guy’ , when in reality he turned out to be just so so much more than that. I learnt from him, that innovation matters and that the best ideas can come to us anywhere, anytime, if only we believe and keep our minds open to unfamiliar or rather unexpected situations. Apart from that, it was amazing to also learn about his numerous technologies and I can only hope that the office being set up in India leads to a great deal of innovation.

Apart from this, we also attended HBD and it was wondrous to find out about the quality of housing provided by the Singapore Government. The green spaces as well as the choices and accessibility for all age groups are qualities that are more than admirable. India hasn’t seen equal growth in this sector and after the visit today, I have been given to believe that if India should adopt or replicate Singapore’s model, a lot of the situations of lack of housing would be solved. However, I also observed that these houses are not cheap…they are in fact, quite expensive. i know for a fact that public housing in India generally caters to a different set of our population and this has led me to believe that what India needs to do is not replicate the model, but combine sustainable housing with reasonable prices in order to reach upon a solutions.

Lastly, the visit to A Star was also very enriching because even though I currently do not study Science, I do maintain an interest in the Sciences and it was quite interesting to hear about the research being done by A Star scholars. I also enjoyed the trip to the SIMTech and was only taken aback by the level of efficiency of the technology. India has some great Science minds and I hope that these ideas and more will take root in India as well..

Apart from that, I had a blast today! I made even more friends…and we just had plain and simple fun!! So while we were actually doing something productive, we were enjoying ourselves to the core and that’s what I will take away from the day!

-Sanskriti Sanghi
(Vasant Valley School, India)

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