26 July, 2013 09:31

Hello there again

Today I had a lot of fun because we have visited a lot of interesting places and Im going to tell you all the things which I have learned during the day .

After we had breakfast we went to the drama centre attend the summit dialogue with Mr Carl Baptista and that was around eight oclock or eight thirty in the morning .

Mr Baptista is such an amazing person because he owns his own company which is cool . He is a scientist and he uses nature into his favor . He has a solution for every problem I guess and his advices are great . He told us about the things which he and his company has done yet and the awards which they have won and he also advised us to think outside of the box when you face any challenge in life and to never lose hope even if you failed ones because it happens to everyone .

Then we went to A*STAR which is an outstanding technological research facility interested in development . They gave us a small introduction so we can learn more about the facility and then we had lunch . After that the doctors told us about their experience in A*STAR and what were they doing before joining A*STAR . I have learned that when you mix different science subjects such as Biology, Math, Chemistry and physics the mixture will all ways be great .

I have learned that you dont need to be smart to be innovative .


Sultan Alobeidani

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