26 July, 2013 09:24

For the visit to HDB, I learnt the public house system in Singapore.We also have the similar one in China,but it is not for free for the poor. They are just in a low price for the poor can afford.And if the rich buy those public house for gaining money,they would be punished.I wonder if there are so many public house for free.When I talked with other delegates, they said that they also has public house system, especially in UK.And in Japan,the public house are only 4 to 5 floors,it is quite small.I heard that from YoKi,a cute girl.I hope that Chinese government can continue develop the public house for poor.
For the visit to A*STAR,I know many new technologies which can make people life more convenient.There are also many technologies are using and producing in China.But I have never seen those technologies before, maybe they haven’t use in market.

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