26 July, 2013 08:58

Elisabeth Teynie, Shannon Weatherly and Katie Ward France and America and London
Day 5
July 26, 2013

The Housing Development Board was a very eye opening experience for all of the Western delegates. The housing system is nothing like anything we have seen in our home countries. Singapore’s housing is very sophisticated in comparison to the UK council houses which are fairly grimy.

Carl Baptista was the most intriguing speaker yet, because, he managed to initiate a fascinating discussion that interested all delegates regardless if they were interested in science. His business is innovative and his love for his job came across very strongly while he spoke.

A* STAR’s machinery impressed all the delegates with the futuristic inventions and their medical equipment. The work completed at A*STAR clearly impacts other businesses across the globe. Lastly, the Q&A with the scientists showed us how much fun a job in science could potentially be.

The second half of the summit promises to be just as fun and thrilling as the first half with new activities and further opportunities to learn more about other countries’ cultures.

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