the night safari day!

although we haven’t actually gone to the night safari, it’s been a motivator for the whole day šŸ˜€

but actually today was a good day! like really especially good, with both trips being very interesting

1, LTA
the talk was interesting and although a bit draggy, I did learn more about our transport system. there is an estimate of 14million train rides (or transport rides in general?) by 2020 which is really a lot, and apparently 4000 buses are deployed everyday. what struck me the most was the question by one of the delegates about (can’t remember exactly but) how sustainable it was for the transport providers to only charge $1+ for each ride in Singapore whereas in US and UK the fares were a few times that amount. the answer to that was that they wanted public transport to be welcomed by Singaporeans (to account for 70% of transport by idk when) and to do that it has to be affordable. there’s also some council which has to approve every increase in fare proposed, considering both the consumer’s needs and the provider’s needs (eg lack of money –> inability to maintain facilities –> downward trend in quality of service) SO I am quite appreciative of the LTA / gov’s effort at keeping public transport fares low and affordable and yet keeping the quality of public transport as high as possible šŸ˜€ it’s also (kinda) an effort to be more environmentally friendly so yay 8)

we also had a tour of the LTA gallery and that was cool too esp all the doors opening haha

2. PUB! / NEWater Visitor Centre
honestly the first thought that crossed my mind when we entered the room was "those chairs are NOT for sleeping" it was just like sofa-ed benches with no backing haha oopz but anyway YEA I didn’t sleep! Mainly coz they just showed us a rather interesting video so haha wouldn’t wanna sleep anyway!

then we went to the NEWater Arcade (not really) which was still very cool haha there were games and stuff? And an actual real life map of Singapore (more successful than our attempt at making one during the culx) after that we started walking through this exhibition thing and I was thinking this is really the best "talk" ever like at first when the lady told us they’d mainly be telling us how the facility cleaned the water for drinking, I thought we’d just be sat down in an Audi and subjected to (another) talk but no we were actually walking around and seeing things (and passing through barriers like water molecules?!) so yea it was REALLY interesting šŸ˜› like \o/ <– see how happy I was haha
okay yea basically the main thing I learnt is that they’re going to great lengths to make sure our water is safe and absolutely clean so yay šŸ™‚
and we also got to see the actual facility during the tour which is even cooler idk why

yup okay that’s it for now! on the way back we sang the summit song, Count on Me by Bruno Mars. okay awkward ending but okay till the next time! hope Night Safari is fun!

šŸ™‚ erin
nygh singapore

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