Taking a step back to reflect

Day 3 began with a speech by Ms. Tan Ching Yee, from the health ministry of Singapore, followed by a discussion with us students. It was interesting to note the differences between the health systems of the country as compared to that of my country, India. We learnt about how the integration of the world has negative effects too, in the form of easy spread of communicable diseases. I think this is a very important issue that has been raised and must be looked into and combated to protect the health of the citizens within any nation. I was privileged to have Ms. Yee answer my question about abortion laws, and was able to further my spectrum of knowledge about how healthcare is handled in any nation.

Next, some of us visited the Esplanade, where we were able to learn about the magnificent theaters and auditoriums that have been set up in this beautifully designed building. Though I was really fascinated by the new technologies that have been used to optimize the experience that both the performers and viewers receive, what intrigued me most was getting a birds eye view of the river and all the skyscrapers situated along it.

The visit to the GIC was something I was excited about from the very beginning, as I am interested in pursuing a career in finance in the near future. This visit did not let me down and I was able to learn a lot about how to manage assets in a successful manner and make money grow for the benefit of the client. I really liked the presentation and was able to clear all the confusion in my mind about various financial terms and decisions. The subsequent river cruise was a relaxing break to the inertia of this hectic day, and I was able to spend quality time with delegates and imbibe the scenic beauty of this country.
Day 4 saw us visit two organizations; namely the Land Transport Authority and the Public Utilities Board. I enjoyed the visit to the Land transport authority, as I feel that the transport system of a country are like the veins in a human body. Its importance can not go unnoticed, and it carries important constituents from place to place. Having travelled by the public transport in Singapore, it was good to see what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ and get a clear picture of the kind of work that goes in to maintaining such an intricate lifeline of the economy.

The NEWater concept was one I had never heard about previously, and I feel it is amazing to see how a solution has been proposed, and further implemented, to deal with THE most important problem that plagues our world today; water scarcity. I was able to understand the importance science plays in our lives, and was even able to pick up a few methods on how to conserve water on a day to day basis.

All the visits we’ve made till date during this summit will surely stick with me for a lifetime. I’m glad I got the opportunity to participate in such an event.

Thank You,
Ranjit Singh
Vasant Valley School
Delegate of the Republic of India

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