Summit Dialogue, GIC, LTA, PUB……..

Day 3, a day I was not looking forward to as finance was the theme and the only thing I knew about finance was that it was boring. But the summit dialogue about financing healthcare by Ms. Tan Ching Lee was quite interesting for me as I want to pursue a career in the Healthcare Research field. It was quite interesting to me that in Singapore healthcare is almost completely financed by the government, even for people who are well off. The well planned healthcare schemes of Singapore are novel, yet have drawbacks and this was the most important thing as Singapore was ready to acknowledge it’s drawbacks and work constantly towards bettering itself, this inspired me. Then we visited the Esplanade – A fine arts theatre in the heart of the city(more like a mall). The Esplanade was grand in it’s design and offered a great view of the bay. After that we visited the GIC, where I didn’t understand much because I’m not an economics student, but what I did take away from the GIC visit was that the GIC played a key role in Singapore’s economic development and did this without accumulating a significant debt and this kind of approach to investment would be suitable to a country like India as well(as I make this statement, I would also like to tell all you readers that I am not and will never be an economics student). Day 4, we visited the Land Transport Authority and the Public Utilities Board. At the LTA, we had a presentation on how Singapore’s current transportation system worked and the what ere the goals that the LTA had set for the future of Singapore’s Transit System. The LTA visit was quite enlightening because we learnt how Singapore provided cheap yet safe and efficient modes of transport to it’s citizens as it is usually one or the other, wither quality or cost-effectiveness. Lastly, we visited the PUB where they recycled sewage water so that it could be used for other purposes and we were also given a taste of the processed water(it actually had quite a normal taste and the idea of drinking purifies sewage was to me quite exciting). The PUB was how Singapore overcame it’s dependence on neighbours to supply water, this independence might not be viewed as something important, but I am a person who strongly believes that self sufficiency is essential. So, I end this journal entry, yet again tired and sleepy but excited, in anticipation of the night safari tonight.

Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School

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