Subways and Waterways

Yesterday, we kicked the day off with an interesting dialogue with Ms. Tan Ching Yee through which she taught us the intricacies of the Singapore healthcare system. She also taught us about the general nature of healthcare and how it applies to each of our respective countries of the origin. Later at the EDB and GIC we learned about the economic development of the country. But truthfully, these two subjects didn’t interest me much. I learned more about them, but beside the awesome office buildings, nothing was drawing me to these possible career paths by the end of the day.

Today, on the other hand, we visited two unexpectedly fascinating projects, both of which were in all honesty expected to be rather boring and menial. But they broke those expectations by leagues. the Land Transport Authority proved to be home of cutting edge technology and innovation in Singapore as well as the product of a fascinating history. Little did we know that a simple ride on the MRT was the culmination of so much thought and effort, as well as the prologue to even more progress for the system. Both of today’s speakers at the LTA were more than thoughtful and well versed in their subjects, they were polite, friendly, and imaginative. During the Q&A session they not only answered each of our queries, but they cared about our understanding of the concepts and afterward, during tea, actively engaged us in open discussion. This proved to be only the start of a fascinating learning journey about the transportation system, when soon afterward we explored their new state-of-the-art museum gallery. An interactive process that created an active learning experience. Afterward we went to the Public Utilities Board Water Treatment Facility, which also through an active learning experience entertained us while enlightening us about this exciting new resource.

Overall we learned that anything can be interesting, if you come to it with the right mindset and it is presented in an inclusive and engaging way,

Can’t wait to Learn more.

-Chris D’Silva
Scarsdale, New York

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