Reflections for a new day(:

  1. From the visit to the Land Transport Authority, I learnt a lot. I have realized the importance of traffic. In China, there are many private cars, so they make the traffic busy. We need to decrease the number of the private cars and develop the public transportation. It can also be helpful to our environment.
  2. From the visit to the PUB, I have learnt about the ways to clean water. Water is very important to everyone’s health, so how to clean water becomes more important. China has a large number of people. So water is very rare in China. I think Chinese government can use these technologies to clean water for Chinese.
  3. From the dialogue of Ms Tan Ching Yee, I realized that healthcare is a very urgent problem, especially for China. I hope Chinese government can take some measures to solve this problem.
  4. The tour of The Esplanade, I found the buildings there is very tall and beautiful, they are just like monsters!  I hope I can wander there again in the future. The food there is really tasty.  

From Shuchao

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