Movement was the theme of the day. Whether it be a MRT train bulleting across the tracks to get commuters to their destinations or a water molecule traveling through a myriad of filters in the pursuit of purification, movement was ubiquitous. Today we saw the artificial, public transport, and the natural, water (the foundation of nature). Motorized beasts on tracks were and will be created to eschew any congestion that would be caused by simply building more roads. As the Land Transport Authority noted, induced demand would render such a course of action useless. Public transport though state-of-the-art buses and trains would be the infinitely more pragmatic solution. At the public utilities board, we were reminded how even the infinitesimal (bacteria) can be conquered by engineering (by water filtration).

Yesterday, Ms Tan Ching Yee reminded the US delegates of the inconsistencies of the American health care system. Privatized Health Care has created a situation where the affluent have access to some of the best doctors and medical professionals in the world, and the less fortunate struggle to get any at all. But we are not the only country with problems, Ms Tan Ching Yee lamented to us of how affordability must be improved in the Singaporean Health Care System. It was an interesting reminder of how no medical system is perfect and how we must all constantly strive to come to solutions that fit the contexts of the places we inhabit. That’s all for now.


Warren Schorr, Staples High School, USA

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