Reflection on Days 3 & 4


“I need sleep NOW!”, this thought running through my head since morning suddenly vanished as I heard the members of the Land Transport Authority talk so much sense about the need for an integrated public transport system for economic development. Frankly, this was the one talk that discussed not only the early  challenges regarding transport in Singapore (that I could completely associate with the current situation facing India) but also various strategies employed to counter and curb these problems such as pricing schemes, vehicle quotas, bus metro connectivity among many others. The points discussed surely did find place in a corner of my mind as something that I could take back to India and emulate. It gave birth to a dream that one day India’s public transport system will become as efficient, a hope that I will live to see that change and hopefully even participate in it. My disappointment at not being able to ask a question ( a really really good one) also disappeared with the lovely tour of the LTA office, the free goodies (Yes! who doesn’t like something free) and the delicious samosas that was just what I needed to satisfy the craving that has been developing for Indian food.


“Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink!” Our next destination was the Public Utilities Board whose aim is to generate safe drinking water for Singapore through 4 national taps. One of the most interesting aspects of the visit (apart from the wonderful video, the enjoyable tour with the games, the animations of water wally and the free goodies including a bottle of new water) was learning more about the process of new water generation. I was finding it difficult to believe that science and technology has developed to the extent that clean drinking water can actually be made within minutes from filthy sewage through repeated distillation and stuff ( Please don’t expect me to remember the scientific terms). What Singapore has done is actually provide a solution to problems of lack of portable water (without which it is impossible to live) that can save not only millions of people but also our entire planet. Now I can proudly tell me friends and family that I have consumed sewage, something they’ll never have the guts to do (atleast not until I don’t develop the same technology in India :P)

Aastha Kamra, Vasant Valley School, India

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