PUBs and How to Get There

Our first destination for the day was to the Land Transport Authority office. There were some presentations (as usual) illustrating the land transportation system in Singapore and explaining how it came about. The system in Singapore is so organized and thought through, with a long-term mindset for sustainability and effectiveness.

It definitely made me reflect on the condition of our transportation system back in Jakarta. The traffic is so congested because of so many private vehicles and so little regulation to control it. While the alternative options available are not as convenient for citizens to use.

I can’t help to wonder whether the governors of Jakarta should go to the LTA to learn about transportation system planning from Singapore. But I won’t be too ranty. I’d say there’s still hope for Jakarta to progress further, as Singapore a few decades ago wasn’t so different from how Jakarta is today.

A quick tour of the Land Transport Gallery followed and we had some lunch. Then, we visited the Public Utilities Board, or PUB, and learned about the obtainment of “new water” from the sewage. Singapore is now no longer dependent on neighboring countries for their water supply. This should set an example for Indonesia to be less dependent; not just dependent on other countries for resources but on the resources themselves, as well.


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