My Experience of Days 3 & 4


Yesterday we did something related to finance, while today we learn more about national development including transport system and newater.  Personally I like the lecture in GIC (Government of Singapore Investment Corporation) and the one in LTA (Land Transport Authority).

I haven’t thought before that a country’s international reserves could be managed by a company. After hearing the introduction, however, I started to think that this could be one of the best ways to deal with the nation’s reserves. Since I have taken part in a summer business program hosted by a Canadian University, I got a somewhat clearer sense of how the process works. The nation gives the task to the corps, so that it can be done by the professionals, which means it’s more possible for the nation to get a better result; while at the same time, the company, GIC, can have its own profit, which mainly achieved by dividends. Also, the nation keeps it in control by chairing the board of GIC. It’s a really good way to deal with the nation’s reserves.

Besides, the videos offered by LTA were impressive and thought-provoking. I love them. Looking back the past of Singapore, we analyze the challenge of transport system. The different aspects needed concern open my eye. Simply building more roads doesn’t work. Public transportation may be a better choice. The rise of public transportation requests it to be convenient, efficient and cheap. For the operation, different kind of transportation fits different mode and different extent of regulation.

Hydropen Sun (Beijing, China)

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