Laura Writes a Journal

Hi Journal,

Today is the first time I am journaling by myself. Before today, I worked with wonderful partners like Martha, Alex, and Ariel. I’ll miss them. But, I’ll have to be strong and journal alone from now on.

On Tuesday night, after visiting the Istana and meeting the president, I listened in on the first student dialogue. The Philippines (Poverty), Australia (Slavery), Indonesia (Healthcare), and Oman (Good Governance) all presented. Seeing other present made me less nervous about presenting my own topic later this week. After the dialogue, we broke off into smaller discussion groups. I was very active in mine, discussing things like why poverty occurs and what solutions to lack of healthcare could be. I liked hearing the perspectives each country brought to the discussion.

Yesterday, we heard a speaker from the Department of Healthcare speak about healthcare in Singapore, which contrasted with the way things work in the United States. Then we went to the Economic Development Board and Government of Singapore Investment Corporation. I learned all about Singapore’s finances and business. I’m not very interested in business, but I’m glad I caught a glimpse of what it would be like to work in a huge modern office building with stellar views and where workers wear fancy suits and dresses. Then we went on a river cruise of the area and saw the famous lion-fish spewing water. One of my favorite parts of the day was when each country casually sang its national anthem during the bus ride, and everyone could hear the different melodies and lyrics.

Today, we went to the Land Transport Authority and the Public Utilities Board. At the LTA, we listened to a man speak about Singapore’s transportation systems, and I learned a lot about how to reduce traffic congestion in a city. At the PUB, I learned how water purification works and tried NEWater, or reused water purified to a clean standard.

This week’s activities have been very different from those I do at home. Singapore is a cool city! 

Laura Feyer
Scarsdale High School
United States of America

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