journaling, day 3 and 4

Land Transport Authority : I found the public transports of Singapore very efficient and thoughtfully organized; they respond well to Singapore’s features, a large population on a very small surface area, and a strong pressure on land.
Paris, as a megacity, experiences severe problems such as congestion and overcrowded public transports. The operator should be inspired by Singapore, especially in term of integration. Similar measures to reduce the car traffic (quotas on cars ownership, fees to get to the downtown during rush hours…) should also be applied.

Public Utilities Board : neWater
The idea of cleaning sewage water to tackle the issue of water supply is very interesting because it ensures Singapore’s independence (notably from Malaysia), reducing at the same time the cost of water as it is not imported any more. Water being a vital resource for the country, because of the domestic consumption but above all for all the economic activities, especially the industrial activities, Making sure the national demand is supplied is of paramount importance.
I strongly believe this practice will be key to solve the issue of water shortages in countries featuring dry weather.

Gabriel, France

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