journaling day 3 and 4

The Land Transport Authority visit made me realise how effective the service was through the city. It is a cheap, useful and deserves all parts of the Singapore, which encourages the population to take public transports. France being a vast country, public transportation has to be managed in a different way: each city is confronted with its own transport system. However as Singapore is a much younger city, land transport was built to maximize the capacity of the city in terms of housing, installations and economic activities in order to put the least pressure possible on the land. France has built its new transport system on the old one, leaving loopholes such as a lack of security in the parisian metro. Furthermore, cities do not have the money to please the passengers with such an effective system as Singapore’s (lines do not cover the whole city, strikes leave days without any transport).

Public Utilities Board : NEWater
Recycling water to that extent would be the solution for the coming problem of lacking water on a global scale. However this process is an investment that cannot be made everywhere. France with its huge national debt seeks for green energy and recycles water but cannot have such advanced recycling of sewage and sea water, a process which costs a huge amount of money.

Julie Thome
Institution Saint Joseph

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