Journal Entry-Day 3-Summit dialogue,EDB,GIC.

As we all know,each day had a particular theme associated with it.The theme of Day 3 was finance.I wasn’t really looking forward to it as I didn’t have much background in finance related fields.So the day started off with the summit dialogue by Ms.Tan Ching Yee. Fortunately for me,her dialogue was more into the healthcare facilities of Singapore than the ,expected, core finance-oriented dialogue.It wasn’t too boring.She gave us a very good picture of the working of the healthcare sector in Singapore.It was very general and hence was easily understandable.

We were then split into two groups.One group went on to the Esplanade while the other had to go to the Economic Development Board of Singapore.I was on the group which had to go to EDB while my other two friends, from India, went to the Esplanade.I was kind of disappointed initially as I didn’t get to go to the Esplanade,but it turned out that the EDB wasn’t very boring.At the EDB,we were introduced to the current financial scenario in Singapore.It was very detailed,yet basic,presentation there.It really helped us understand the the various fields on which Singapore’s economy was dependent on and their respective contributions.I was really amazed that degree of development Singapore had achieved over the past few decades.We were then taken around that floor and were explained about the various new and innovative additions made on the floor to make the client’s wait a pleasant one.They also had various gifts,they had received from many companies for signifying their strong relationship.on display.The entire trip,on the whole,turned out to be much better than expected.

We then had the visit to Government of Singapore Investment Corporation.The presentation, there, was very technical.So for a student of science,like myself,it wasn’t very clear.However my friend,who has commerce and economics in school,really enjoyed it.So all of us had varying opinions on it.As far as I am concerned,I didn’t really enjoy it.

However,the river cruise,which followed up,really cheered me up.It was AMAZING!!!.It was very memorable one.The view we got was sensational.If given a chance,I would go on it forever!.I took a lot of photos to take back as memories.Though the day started off on a low,it definitely ended on a huge high!!.


Girish Raguvir.J
Sankara Senior Secondary School

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