Journal Entry by Wang Xinyuan

Journal Day 3&4

The Land Transport Authority helps us learn a lot about not only the Singapore land transport, but also what a strong and effective land transport system should be like. In Beijing, our land transport system includes buses, subways, taxies, and also private cars, just like Singapore. Meantime, its population is twice larger than Singapore. Along with the highly developing economy, more people are able to afford a car or even two cars. And that straight leads to a more serious road condition and worse air pollution. So the main purpose for us to build a better and stronger public land transport system is to release the traffic jams and do more good to the environment.

As we all know this isn’t an easy thing to do. The China government tries hard and invests lots of money to make sure the infrastructure construction goes well. The government intervention in economy now limits the purchase amount of private cars and every weekday only 80% of the cars are allowed to go on the road during daytime. Also we have the transport card for each citizen. With this card, it only costs 7 cents to take a bus and you can take any subway at a price of 30 cents. In this way, people are encouraged to take public transport and drive less.

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