Journal Days 3 and 4

The second summit dialogue with Ms Tan Ching Yee was certainly less controversial than the first. Ms Tan displayed an enormous depth of knowledge on the subject of health economics both in Singapore and in other countries around the globe. Perhaps she could have had slightly shorter answers to the questions asked by the delegates, but the answers she did supply certainly conveyed a very comprehensive understanding of the health industry.

The Esplanade is a concert hall. It was inspired by a durian. Durians leave something to be desired when it comes to taste (in my opinion). The Esplanade certainly doesn’t in regards to its architecture. The building is spectacular to look at from both the inside and the outside, and is definitely a suitable venue for some of the big name shows that are performed on its stages.

The GIC seemed to bring mixed emotions from the rest of the delegates. Some claimed to have found it interesting, while for others, the event served as an opportunity to sleep. I am not going to pretend that I really enjoyed the experience. At times the speakers were a bit dry, but this is understandable considering that they are world class economists rather than public speakers. As a whole, it was interesting to learn about Singapore’s financial system and the work the GIC does in investing the government’s money.

The river cruise around the financial district was pleasant.

Day 4’s festivities kicked off with a trip to the Land Transport Authority. Here, we learned about the measures being taken to improve public transport. The visit was interesting although perhaps not entirely requiring the 3 hours allocated to it.

Our second attraction today was the NEWater facility near Changi airport. For those of you not in the know, i.e. my parents, NEWater is a recycled water company specialising in the cleaning of old water for use as new water in both drinking and industrial capacities. No doubt the sophisticated system is very effective, but there is still something slightly off putting about drinking what is potentially a cleaned version of your own excretion.

Although I reported in my last journal entry that I was worried about tiring of the food being served, I am pleased to report that such an occurrence is yet to eventuate.

Everyone seems to be getting along all fine and dandy, and with luck this will remain until the time comes to part.


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