Information Overload

No doubt I had learned a lot in the past two days. You can imagine how much information we had acquired having gone to four different government offices namely: the LTA, the PUB, the GIC and the EDB. The various tours we had gone to had made one thing clear in my mind: Singapore is way advanced. The places we had visited showed how much value Singapore gives to its government agencies and how much it strives to make Singapore the best it can be. I was very impressed with the facilities of the places we had gone to and wish that the Philippines eventually come to par or even surpass this advancement. Its efficient transport and water system greatly affects Singapore’s economy and so I feel that we should also give priority to these things aside from education and health.

The Summit Dialogue with Ms Tan Ching Yee was very informative. Though it did not strike me as much as the Dialogue with Mr Kausikan, it had made me ponder on the issue of healthcare even more. I realized how big an issue this is now and how important it is for a country to have an efficient and effective healthcare system for it to progress. I mean, a big population is only good if it has healthy citizens, right? That’s the problem my country faces. We’ve got a huge population but a huge percentage of our citizens are living in poverty, and therefore are unhealthy. Once a good healthcare system is in place and the Filipino citizens are healthy, then we can progress. I believe that that is the first step to progress; keeping the citizens healthy.

After two days of tours and talks, we’re finally going to the Night Safari. I’m really excited for this because I know that this will be another opportunity to bond with my fellow delegates and maximize my stay here in Singapore. (Oooh and I can’t wait to get my Ben & Jerry’s ice cream Mmmm)

Amica Dela Cruz
Philippine Science High School – Main Campus

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