GIC, Awesome Transports, and NEWater!

Time flies here eventhough each day is jampacked with a lot of interesting activities. Yesterday we went to the GIC. The GIC acts like a ‘consultant’ that manages funds. They also help the Singaporean government to make use of their excess reserves and invest it to foreign areas. It’s funny that it turns out GIC also invests in Alfamart, an Indonesian convenience store. What they we’re telling us was actually interesting at I guess it might be a good career option for the future. I’ll research more about it, maybe I can work there one day? 🙂

Today was all about transportation and water. I guess the first impression people would get from Singapore is that it is such a clean and organized country. The MRTs are SO tidy and on time. Indonesians would really envy that because we rely on personal vehicles to get around, so there’s really, really heavy congestion here. I think we’re the 15th most congested. We learnt how Singapore has developed from basic vehicles and road services to the ones as advanced as today, and still trying to move forward and integrate transportation more and more with technology. I hope that Indonesia will follow the same path because I love taking MRTs. Makes me feel ‘a part’ of society and so independent. The gallery was really cool because the doors that lead to other rooms are like the doors of MRTs and all of us woah-ed.

Indonesia should take a step-by-step approach like Singapore and not rely on just expanding roads because – as they told us – it creates induced demand which leads to even more congestion. But I don’t think we can have underground MRTs because our soils aren’t that good for it and our country experiences a lot of earthquakes. Right now, we’re in the process of building a monorail and I hope that it will be completed earlier or just as they promised us: on 2016.

Then we went to the NEWater place. Singapore really evaluated their issues and being a small country, have limited supply of water. They decided to not be too dependent to Malaysia on water. They created this really sophisticated water filtration systems so that the water can be used for industries and for consumption.

Pritta Wibisono
Binus International School – Serpong

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