Day3 & Day4

Day 3

River Cruise of Financial District was so cool. I saw Merlion for the first time. I thought it was smaller than it is. I heard that three Merlions are here, mother, father, and children. I think that they are symbols for what Singapore become to be; not only thinking the one generation but also thinking about other generations to become more sustainable country.

Day 4

Land Transport Authority was really interesting. In Japan, there are lots of traffic jams. And buses rarely come on time. I think it is because there is no system like Limited Ownership in Japan. Japanese Government should introduce the system like that so that we would never be in trouble and live more comfortable. I think that there are three points to become better transportation system; mobility, integration, and sustainability. The government should lots of ideas from Singapore system. This is a good opportunity to think about what a better transportation system is. I don’t think there many types of better system, it depends on what is the important thing in the place. So, we have to learn about the history, need, etc in the place.

Public Utility was also great. We’ll come here again in November for school excursion because we want to learn about the water system in Singapore. In Japan, though there are much water resources happily, the time when we run out of water will come. So, we, Japanese, have to think about how to save our water resources.


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