Day four and three

Day Four
Thursday the 25th of July
Shannon Weatherly
Dominion High School

All the companies in Singapore seem to be relatively new and they are very fascinating because of all the new technology. The technology and design of each company was intriguing and makes Singapore come across so futuristic compared to Northern Virginia. The companies we have visited (EDB, GIC, etc) are inspiring companies because of their desire to better the world by things such as alternative energy, water recycling, and global connections.

Yesterday the questions asked during the dialogue with Ms Tan Ching Yee really opened my eyes to the different types of healthcare among different countries and how they are thought well upon or looked down upon. I have learned so much from not just the speakers alone but by the questions asked by the delegates. The questions asked expose me to the different thought processes of different delegates and how the actions their government takes.

Each day has been a new experience and an eye opening one and I can’t wait for each new experience!

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