Day 4

I was very impressed with the Land Transport Authority visit today. Both speakers were very knowledgeable and clearly explained the mechanics behind running the complex but smooth Singapore transit systems. While Singapore is a small country, all modes of transportation still take much thought and effort. From what I heard at the LTA, and what I have seen from riding the MRT personally, Singapore has done an excellent job at executing an efficient transport system. Because the government funds the entire system, the cost of tickets are very cheap, especially compared to other countries around the world, which is very nice. The incentive programs intended for controlling the flow of traffic were also very smart. The fact that the MRT is free before 7:45 am every morning is incredible. In many other countries this would not be possible due to funding issues.
The one problem I am still concerned about with Singapore’s transit systems is population growth in the future. Because the island is so small, there is not enough space to hold an incredible amount of people. While both speakers commented that they were working on programs for coping with what to do with transportation and population growth, I am still a bit skeptical.

Maggie Low
United States
Dominion High School

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