Day 4- the LTA and PUB Scanned

Today, we visited the Land Transport Authority, where we heard about the challenges facing Singapore in terms of public transport, such as environmental issues and increasing population size. We also learnt of the LTA’s mission to make public transport a ‘choice mode’, with the aim of having 70% of all Singaporeans using public transport- a campaign supported by initiatives such as free transport on the MRT (Singapore’s equivalent of what we Brits call ‘the Tube’) before 7.45am. The transport system here is very different to the one where I come from, so it was an interesting and insightful experience to be able to hear firsthand some of the operations that keep the trains, buses and MRT running smoothly. It was also intriguing to hear comparisons drawn between the ‘Boris bikes’ scheme in London and the cycling in Singapore, which is less popular here because of the climate. Some students- notably certain Australians, Brits and Americans- also had fun attempting pull-ups in the mocked-up MRT carriage that we were able to look around at the facility.

After lunch (and several interesting conversations on the bus…) , we were off to the Public Utilities Board, where our guide told us about the process of ‘recycling’ and purifying sewage to make water that was safe to use in industry. We were given the privilege(?) of being able to taste the recycled water which, to the surprise of a few, did not actually taste like sewage at all. The visitor’s centre was very interactive, and we found out many interesting facts about water wastage and usage worldwide.

This evening we are going on a night safari, which I am very excited for! Sunday Times Independent Secondary School of the Year 2010/11 and 2003/4

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