Day 4 of 9! :)

Day 3

The summit dialogue which was given by Ms. Tan Ching Yee made me realize the important role that health care plays in the development of the countries. Because of that, government must find ways to improve the system about healthcare. China has a large population, so it’s hard to do that. But the government is still trying their best to improve that.

Day 4

Today we have gone to visit Land Transport Authority and Public Utilities Board. From the trip I learnt the reason why Singapore’s environment is so great.

As for transport, in Singapore, most people go out by public transport. This can reduce the use of gas and air pollution. In China, the government supports the public transport by building the special ways for buses and decreases the price of buses and subways. And in some special days, people cannot go out by their own cars.

As for water, the ways that PUB uses can make use of the seawater and the water that has been used. This new technology can greatly prevent people from wasting water.

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