Day 4: An Adventure

I liked to make jokes today about how the topic of public transportation made up such a big part of Day 4 of our Summit. In America, public transportation isn’t considered a problem by many, at least not in Westport, Connecticut, but I have learned how relevant the topic is to Singaporeans. In the presentation earlier today at the Land Transport Authority, we learned how Singapore is running out of free land and therefore needs to ensure that the majority of citizens make use of the public transportation that the nation offers. I’ll be honest, the topic didn’t interest me too much, but the speakers were definitely knowledgeable and did a great job of answering my fellow delegates’ questions. The museum was cool, and we made sure to take advantage of the exhibits by taking funny pictures, further enhancing us delegates’ camaraderie.

I definitely found the PUB more interesting, as the problems presented there are more applicable on a world-scale.We’re all looking for ways to maintain a safe and clean environment, and the PUB showed us an interesting method to do so, while also suggesting ways to protect the environment and conserve water at home. The playground at the exit was also a plus.
Yesterday, Ms. Tan Ching Yee helped me to understand the parallels between the financial system in America and Singapore. In both nations, the financial systems are somewhat modeled like businesses, working for profit, and most of us agree that it shouldn’t be this way. It was interesting learning that Singapore’s financial system is heavily centered on sustainability, something that I think all financial systems should focus on.
My group went on the EDB tour, and my favorite part of it was seeing the Darth Vader helmet and the Air Jordan Shoes. I didn’t know Singapore was linked to some of these things which define American culture, and it was great to see that. To me, it further reinforced the fact that all of us are truly interested in the same things and are very similar. In the end, all of us love to laugh, make jokes, and have a good time, and this summit has taught me that.

Jack Cody United States Staples High School

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