Day 4

Day 4

Visiting the Land Transport Authority was enriching as I was unaware of the transportation system in Singapore.
It seems that combining different means of transportation is the way to make a massive part of a growing population move from one place to another easily.
Although I learnt that the MRT still faces issues such as overcrowding.
The measures taken by the LTA to avoid this phenomenon at the peek hours such as the free ride on MRT before 7.45 am is a good way to avoid this, encouraging citizens to travel earlier. In France for example this wouldn’t be put into action as the tickets are one of the only source of revenue to maintain the metro which still needs to be secured. Indeed, it is still quite old and only on a few stations have been installed glass panels to ensure the security of passengers, which was an issue as there were accidents.

Sigrid Meltzer, Institution Saint Joseph,

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