day 3!

we started with a summit dialogue by Ms Tan Ching Yee about healthcare in Singapore. although I did know slightly about Singapore’s healthcare system, the dialogue somehow made me appreciate the system more. somewhere in the middle the talk started to get dry and I would nod off sometimes (oops)

my group was also lucky and we had the chance to visit the Esplanade and tour it! it was really interesting and we learnt about the history of the Esplanade, how it wasn’t meant to be a durian-looking thing at first (it was meant to be a lantern but then without the shades it would be so hot in the building haha) and the 50mm acoustic gap between the inner and outer buildings. the whole thing was really cool and the guide even told us some funny stories about his experiences working there.

the other group went to visit the Economic Development Board which although might’ve been interesting, seemed rather dry (more talks?) Maybe next time people could be allowed to opt for their choice trip, even if some of us might not get what we prefer in the end, coz maybe those who are older and take econs in school might be more interested in the EDB visit 🙂

after lunch, we went to the GIC. (the lift was so cool how did we manage to get up 37 levels in like less than a minute) the setting of the room/auditorium was really cool with shared mikes per 3 people and yea. I somehow ended up sitting in the front row, really near the speaker so I had to try real hard to stay awake. Not that I was too tired (maybe I was) but the talk was about economics stuff (again) and I barely understood anything. but I know some people in the group take econs / are interested in it so I hope at least it was good for them! felt quite bad knowing that most of us were half asleep but well we trieddd (or we tireddd haha see what I did there)

The river cruise was really cool 😀 it was mostly chilling and talking to friends and enjoying the view, which was a nice ending to the day!

okay and the rest, culperf prep (we got something cool going on) and then studying with the rest was good too 🙂 (facs were nice and bought milo for us) (although just before we were gonna sleep haha)

🙂 erin
nygh, singapore

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