Day 3 and 4

Yesterday we had our summit dialogue with Ms Tan Chi Yee , her speech about healthcare finance and its importance. Her speech not only threw light on the state of health care in the globe, but also the role of global inclusion in achieving the basic goals in the field of universal health care.After this we visited the Esplanade,the famous theater by the bay.The architecture of the building was past compare.The view from the Esplanade was something that cannot be described by means of mere words.After returning from the Esplanade,we went to the GIC, the investment company of the government of Singapore.Here we learnt about how the reserves of this small but prosperous country are managed.We were informed about the various financial instruments into which the GIC invests.We also went on a boat cruise of the financial district and learnt a lot about the diverse history of the Singapore river.After the cruise, we reached the boarding school where we started our cultural performance preparations. Today morning, we visited the LTA, where we interacted with the officials who ensure that Singapore’s ever so busy transport system runs smoothly without any hindrance.We also visited the LTA museum which was a walk into the past of Singapore’s transportation systems. I feel that India too must have an authority which is as efficient in managing the transport system.Following this, we visited the Public Utilities Board where we were shown how Singapore reprocess its waste water and meets the needs of its vast populous.This method will most definitely be a good solution to tackle water scarcity in those countries where it exists.Overall, these two days have been full of fun and activity where I learnt a lot,am looking forward to the night safari today!.

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